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Since March 2000, the World Fire Safety Foundation (WFSF)  has warned that ionisation alarms should immediately be banned from all homes globally.

Finally, we're starting to be heard. . .

WFSF takes Australian Government (CSIRO) to Court for Failing to Reveal Ionisation Smoke Alarm Test Data

"CSIRO test data proves ionisation alarms are dangerous.
The public must be told the truth before more lives are lost."
Adrian Butler, Chairman, World Fire Safety Foundation | 9 July 2018

Australia & New Zealand's
Photoelectric-Only Legislation

Because the truth about Ionisation alarms has been kept from the public, tens of thousands of people globally have needlessly died.
Campaigners fought long and hard for Queensland's historic legislation.

World Fire Safety Foundation's 17 Year
Battle for Photoelectric-Only Legislation

Adrian Butler, Chairman, World Fire Safety Foundation with Sir Geoffrey Cresser BT, outside Brisbane's Parliament House when Queensland's photoelectric-specific legislation enacted | August 2016

Adrian Butler (WFSF Chairman) &
Sir Geoffrey Cresser (WFSF Advisor)
At Parliament House, when Qld's, world-leading, Photoelectric-Only legislation was voted into law.
Parliament House, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
31 August 2017

May 2004
National, Australian legislation
mandates Photoelectric alarms:
Commercial Buildings

Nov 2011
Northern Territory legislation
mandates Photoelectric alarms:
Residential Dwellings

July 2016
National, New Zealand legislation
mandates Photoelectric alarms:
Residential Rentals

Jan 2017
Queensland legislation
mandates Photoelectric alarms:
Residential Dwellings

Tragically, despite all the legislation, most Australians and New Zealanders are still unsafe.

"Queensland Photoelectric-Only legislation won't apply to existing homes until 2027 - that's four years away!
Far too many people will be killed by then.
The public must be warned!"
Adrian Butler, Chairman, World Fire Safety Foundation | 14 April 2023

Read the Hinterland Times 'Tireless Campaigner' Report.

'Smoke Alarms' - Part 1

A Current Affair | Ray Martin
Oct 2004 | 5 min 47  sec

'Smoke Alarms' - Part 2

A Current Affair | Tracy Grimshaw
June 2006 | 5 min 18 sec

First U.S. Legislation

First U.S. Photoelectric Legislation
June 2014 | 6 min 23 sec

Sunshine Coast Release | World Fire  Safety
Foundation Documentary - STOP The Children Burning

Warning Australians about Ionisation Alarms since 2000!
Channel 7, Queensland, Australia
27 July 2010 | 1 min 40 sec

"Industry politics is
wasting time and
costing more lives."
Rebecca Le Tourneau, 60 Minutes Producer of the ionisation smoke alarm exposé,
'The Alarming Truth'
Australian Senate Smoke Alarm Inquiry Submission | Aug 2015

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Rebecca Le Tourneau

Producer, 60 Minutes

March 2024

Extensive global research, court cases and Photoelectric-Only legislation (the U.S., Australia and N.Z.) will be revealed in the World Fire Safety Foundation's explosive, tell-all book.

Why Haven't
We Been Told?

Why has the truth about ionisation alarms been
kept from the public?

For legal* and political reasons,** despite global scientific (CSIRO and other) research proving ionisation alarms are DEADLY, governments and manufacturers will not reveal their fatal flaw.***

*for litigation and life-safety concerns go here.
**governments rarely admit their mistakes.
***they frequently fail to go off in the critical, early/smouldering stage of fatal fires.

Fire Commissioner Wants Ionisation Alarms Banned

"The Fire Commissioner says Australia's most common smoke alarm should be banned."
Channel 7 News | NSW, Australia
12 Jan 2016 | 1 min, 46 sec

'Where There's Smoke'
Cover Story  | 23 Feb 2017

"Every Electrician Needs to Read this Report."
Adrian Butler. Chairman, World Fire Safety Foundation

"I just want this whole thing to come to a head because it has gone on far too long. Too many people have died. . ."

Adrian Butler, Chairman, World Fire Safety Foundation | Feb 2017