Understanding fire myths can help save lives.

For your family's safety. . .

1. Install the right size and type of fire extinguisher,

2. Replace all ionisation alarms with photoelectrics, and

3. Warn your friends and family about ionization alarms.

Thanks kindly.

Adrian Butler

World Fire Safety Foundation
Co-Chairman, Former FireFighter
Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley
Queensland 4342, AUSTRALIA

Adrian Butler - Former Full-Time FireFighter

Adrian Butler, Former FireFighter Film Maker and Software Developerat his home on the Gold Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Dec, 2009

Exposing Ionisation Smoke Alarms
Film Maker, Software Developer - QLD Australia, Dec 2009

Fire Myth 1
"We Don't Need Smoke Alarms - We've Got Plenty of Exits!"
42 seconds

Fire Myth 2

"I'm OK - the Fire Brigade is Just Around the Corner!"
27 seconds

Fire Myth 3

"We Don't Need a Fire Extinguisher - We've Got a Hose!"
38 seconds

Fire Myth 4

"I'm Only Renting!"
44 seconds

Fire Myth 5

"My Extinguisher's Fine - I've Tested it!"
51 seconds

Fire Myth 6

"Safety Cut-Off Switches Stop Fires!"
49 seconds

Fire Myth 7

"I Don't Need Smoke Alarms - I'm Going to Smell the Smoke!"
32 seconds

Fire Myth 8

"I don't Need an Extinguisher - I've Got Smoke Alarms!"
39 seconds

Fire Myth9

"We're Really Careful - We Don't Need Smoke Alarms!"
32 seconds

Fire Myth 10

"It Can Never Happen to Me!"
59 seconds

Myth 10's video footage is
from the WFSF's documentary,
'STOP The Children Burning',
the catylist behind
Queensland's Smoke Alarm Legistion

STOP The Children Burning
WFSF Documentary | Released Oct 2004 - Updated Dec 2011  |  47 minutes

The Alarming Truth
STOP The Children Burning
(for firefighters, lawyers and journalists)

The "Absolute Myth"
For Firefighters and Fire Officials

"To say that they (ionisation and photoelectric smoke alarms) are equal and good for different circumstances is to me a fallacy, an absolute myth."

Commissioner Mullin's (Australia and New Zealand's most senior fire official) testimony to the Australian
Senate Smoke Alarm Inquiry  | Canberra, Dec 2015

Extract: Hansard - Page 4, Para 8

FRNSW Commissioner
Greg Mullins AO AFSM

Commissioner (2003-2017)

President AFAC (2013-2016)

Greg Mullin's Book
A must-read for
every firefighter

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World Fire Safety Foundation's Myth-Busting 'Aquarium Test'
"My smoke alarm's fine, it goes off when I'm cooking!"
"My smoke alarm's fine, it's hard-wired!"

See how Ionisation alarms go off when cooking, yet often fail in the early, smoldering stage of fatal fires.

Common Smoke Alarm Myths Explained
For Firefighters & Fire Officials

U.S. & Canadian Firefighters

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Australian & New Zealand Firefighters

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